Transfer screen printing

Transfer screen printing is a method that involves printing using special transfer paper. The printed paper is sprinkled with a special powdered glue and using a heat-transfer press, the whole print is transferred onto the fabric and pressed in. In this case, the print is covery, does not get into the structure of the clothes, but only covers it with the "rubbery" smooth surface of the printed item.


This technique is used as an auxiliary, complementary technique when direct screen printing is not possible and there is a need to print in a hard-to-reach place. It will enable us to print on the following items: baseball caps, bags, backpacks, belts, jackets, sportswear. Please note, however, that the effect of transfer screen printing will be different from direct screen printing.


Transfer screen printing


The cheapest method for big quantity orders of over 50 pieces


Incredible durability of the printed graphics. It is resistant to washing even at high temperatures.


Multi-colour printing is available

Frequently asked questions

Maximum imprint size front or back is 23x32cm.

Yes, you must have a heat press for this . Contact us and specify the material the formats will be indented on, so we can apply the suitable glue and provide you with an approximate heating temperature information.

This technique makes printing in hard-to-reach areas possible which are unavailable in direct screen printing, e.g. on ready-to-wear rucksacks, bags, caps. Some customers are satisfied with a good covering effect of the print and the fact that the paint does not get into the fibres of the clothes. The prints are thus "smoother", slightly rubbery to the touch.

Same as the direct screen printing: the number of colours printed and on the quantity of orders, but to be added - the size of the print.

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